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ditch silt

Just read through the 12 acre pond thread and a question came to me about a ditch cleaning job I need to bid on. Two homeowners have a common ditch that drains storm water into a retention pond. Problem is that silt has built up on their side of the ditch thats keeping the water from draining out of the ditch on the other side of the road. City has asked the residents to get he ditch cleaned up to allow proper drainage. Total ditch length is 600 linear feet and about 3' wide at the point where the silt depth level is. Plan is to rent a 8ton mini with a 36-42" ditch bucket to clean out the silt. I'll have my rc100 on site for any other necessary work. Question is, if I end up hauling this stuff away in my dump and another dump I'll sub contract, what about any water that ends up draining out of the silt and falling on the road? Have you guys ran into this issue? Have spoken with the city and they just want the water to run, nothing special. We checked the GIS and this is not a declared wetland so no EPA involvement is necessary either. Id like to bale out the silt into the rc100 and then spread it out rather than hauling away. I have attached a pic for reference. the yellow line is the ditch, the white box is a buried concrete pipe that i need to dig out, put in stone, and replace with a corrugated pipe and rebury so the homeowner has access over the ditch to some property on the other side. There is a natural pitch towards the basin, but I will take some shots to determine the exact grade. I would like to spread out the silt on the rougher/wild grass areas around the retention pond or the other side of it if possible. any ideas or things i should look out for or plan for?
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