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Sprinkler heads too deep ???

I'm only a mowing guy, but for my own satisfaction, is there a rule of thumb for how deep you let pop-up heads get until you raise them?.... if you even do.

Have been mowing this property since it was new construction, about five years now and some of the heads are three to four inches under the sod/black dirt height. Yes they all appear to be working fine but it seems like asking for trouble from an obstruction when retracting, with them receding this much.

Off main topic but... have noticed last three four times I have mowed I could feel the mower bog down and lug a bit over certain areas of this same lawn. When I would walk it trimming, same areas my feet would move side to side. Stopped today and I could push my finger full length into the ground! They are watering it into mush! Or maybe it could be a break in the line somewhere? Really surprised it's not rutting terrible. Did mention this to them but seemed unconcerned.

But my question was on the depth of the heads... thanks
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