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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
According to what I read you can get a wide single center roller for the center, or one anti-scalp wheel for each side of the deck, or all three, which means you could have the wide center roller plus two outside wheels, which may work better with this 72" deck, what are your thoughts?

Has anyone tried the different baffle settings to see how the deck performs? They come from the factory with the baffle located in the "B" hole setting. I am getting some blowout which I've never seen with any Super Z I've owned previously, and thought that maybe by dropping down to the "A" hole setting I could possibly eliminate this problem, it's not terrible, but I would like to prevent it entirely.

The drawing I saw in the parts manual was lacking for clear information on the 72" deck, is there a clearer look anywhere else?
Puppy I promise I haven't forgotten your pics. I haven't gotten home til after dark the last 3 days but I will get them tomorrow when I sharpen blades. The scalp wheels aren't wide they are all three the same size just one kit has one that goes in the center, the other has 2 wheels the same size, the pics will explain better. For the front baffle, I lowered mine for a few days and didn't cut as good as in B hole. It laid the grass over especially crabgrass stems where the wall was now lower than the blades tips. I haven't tried raising it, I'm afraid that will loose too much suction.
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