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Originally Posted by tonydirks View Post
1. Thanks for the replies on tips and how you have found good ways for seeding and getting a good stand of grass!

2. Did I ever mention that I was still seeding? I was opening a discussion on seeding methods, not when to seed.

3. We do have frost forecast for tonight for the first time this year, our ground won`t be freezing for a month or two yet unless this is an exceptionally cold year, there are lots of guys still seeding here. I do some commercial new sites and the only time we don`t seed is if there is snow on the ground, they don`t really care about seeding times they want it seeded before the job is turned over and if thats January, then thats when we do it!
I've spent most of my carreer in shade lawns more than anything and we've successfully seeded every month of the growing season... if you get pushed back to the frozen tundra overseed or even a complete brand new lawn,,, it is best to apply the seed(broadcast is fine) at the beginning of Winter rather than the end... although Early Spring works too, it's just harder to prime for germination when its cold and the seed is starting out dry... have fun...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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