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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
because like stated be someone else, estimates vary by locale. $3000 sounds way to high and $500 sounds way to low. Good luck and I hope you get the job.
I agree. If I priced my jobs like ponyboy, I would be out of work in short order. With all due respect, whatever works for him is good. In my area, adding an extra $100 per truck for fuel when all you may be doing is driving down the street 2 blocks and back may cause me to loose the bid? I hope he means he does this when the truck(s) will be running all day back and forth and he takes each case under consideration?

You MUST make $$ to survive. IMHO, you want to make a buck and not rip people off in the process (No, ponyboy is NOT ripping anybody off- he is pricing according to his needs and market). When I first started, I had a bad habit of under pricing my jobs because I always felt that I was over charging and I wanted to be fair. What I learned is that you have to be fair to the customer AND fair to yourself. Once you find that point, you will be fine.

Yes, there will be jobs that some people will not take your bid because they felt it cost to much. If that happens? you don't want to work for them anyway, as the low budget people will ALWAYS be the biggest PITA customer out there.
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