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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Ok, I have 2 days and 17 lawns under my belt with the Pro-Stance and I'm ready to start my review on performance!! All though I wouldn't be surprised if some of my opinions change as I continue to use the machine.

The Good:

The Pro-Stance is very easy on turf and I'm able to do zero turns where I normally do three point turns with my walk-behind!! I love the front end as it is narrow and low so I can get under tree's, bushes, fences etc. The comfort is amazing as no vibration is felt and it does well over bumps. Hydros are smooth and responsive. This thing is a billy goat!! I can climb hills with no problems and the front end does not come off the ground. Hill side stability is awesome and I know this is where most standers fail miserably. This machine does not slide out when going across hills or ditches!! The Pro-Stance is fast at 9 mph and it will do it on smooth ground. Cut quality is awesome and Gravely has another great deck!! I'm shocked because I thought this deck was to to shallow and closed. But it has not clumped wet or dry and stripes great without a stripe kit. This deck has a ton of lift and discharge pressure. The clipping dispersal is great and the clippings disappear. Clippings are really small like Exmarks Ultra Cut. I will continue to update on cut quality as conditions change.

This machine is extremely productive on properties less than 1/2 acre and I'm saving a ton of time over my walk behind and ZTR. If all or most of your properties are less than 1/2 acre a stander is a must have. You will save a ton of time!!! On properties over 1/2 acre a ZTR is still much faster and productive IMO.

The Bad:

Down hill traction is really giving me a problem. I don't feel confident turning down a steep hill and have slid(straight down a hill is fine). Also traction backing up a hill or ditch could be better. Keep in mind these are steep hills and I may get better with the machine but I have no problem doing them with my ZTR or walk behind. Walk behind mode is only good on flat ground as there is very little traction when off the platform. The engine could use a bit more power but its no deal breaker.
is the zrt and the stander yours? Or are they demos

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