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Originally Posted by stackz View Post
how do I find out what 9a means? I can pull up the map showing charleston as 9a compared to the rest of the state but I cant find where it says what actually will grow good in a 9a zone?
That map just show's you what zone you are in. There is no plant info, sorry, i should have known you would look for that information there. I was going to scan some page's from "garden guide to the lower south" and "Dirr's tree's and shrub's for warm climate's" but apparently, i can get sued for doing that, so instead of typing all those word's, let me do some reading and pick plant's that i like. Your local extension office has some good info on plant's that work well in your location, that will get you started.

I do have a question - How can you stand a 5 month threat of a hurricane ? I thought that was the worst thing about living in Savannah.

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