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Originally Posted by DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING View Post
I LIKE THE ATTITUDE, and with that attitude you will make it just fine.
Good luck to all
Thx, I've always said Attitude will make you or break you, I learn everyday and that's really what keeps me going, I don't worry about what the other guy is doing I just do what I have to do to be the best I can everyday. Unfortunaly Corporate America could care less about how good you are, you're just a number and when that number comes up your gone, I figure as long as I get up and give my very best everyday I will have work, and make money, seems there is always someone needing a GOOD LANDSCAPER because heaven knows there are plenty of BAD ones out there, and that's what makes my job easy, I seem to get a lot of WOW when we're done with a job, I figure I must be doing something right.

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