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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
LMFAO.... ric it was a good thing i wasnt there also or it wasnt my house bc i would have told the guy bull **** also.. what to much rain in fla is there such a thing.. i know this rainy season has been bad but made her shrubs turn brown??? i am no pro but i would've told the guy bs what else you got...

if it was me i would want a statement from TG/CL saying that after i got that i would call them and get ahold of the highest person i could then tell that person i was going to call 5 other lawn compaines in town and have those 5 write up what is wrong with those shrubs then i will see you in court.. i will almost bet they wont go to court...

True Brown gets away with this crap because it is too much of a hassle to sue them. Couple years ago I had a thing out side of my business where Myself and another person were cheated out of some Money. We looked into doing a "Pro Se" small claims court law suit. The filing fee was $ 225.00. Now add in a time factor and lost wages etc etc. In our case we only had our word as Proof and the party in question was a well known lier. So who was the Judge to believe.

The Customer is going to think about suing True Brown, But I believe she is just going to eat the loss.

Last spring I paid to have 4 pallet of Zoysia replaced. I never felt it was my fault, but I had it replaced to keep the Peace. Today I drove past the house after all the rain we have had this year (Pouring Rain Right Now). The total lawn was Browner than the Turf I paid to have replaced. Sometimes You get the Bear and other times the Bear gets you. Life is too short to let is get to you. .... In Edit The Customer fired me right after a had the Zoysia Replaced.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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