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Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
Man!! I'm a stihl guy but so much talk about the 570 and 580 makes me want to get one but I like having another br600 in case something happens to one I'll have a parts blower. We just got a husky dealer in my area back in the spring and I did try out the 580 for like 2 min. Piles of power, little heavy, and not as comfable as the br600 mag. I still have not decided on what I'm going to get more than likely I'll stay with the stihls. Side note I live in VA which I think I'm gonna say is stihl country because there aren't any redmax,shindy,kawi, dealers anywhere around. One echo and husky which are the same dealer the rest is stihl. Maybe it's that way everywhere I dunno.
The Echo dealer doesn't carry Shindaiwa? All the ones around here do since Echo owns Shindaiwa now.
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