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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Anyone that has a well paying job, great health benefits that you retire with, you have to be crazy to walk away from that. You can always retire then expand your part time route.
To most people it would seem that way but all that high pay and great benefits usually comes with a price, as was my case, if I could have stayed in my last job I would not been able to retire with any kind of "Life" it was just too stressfull I knew it was coming as usually the case and I had mentally and finacially prepared myself for the inevitable, and just as I suspected when my number came up I was out the door with not so much as a thank you for your service, and there were umpteen more right behind me. Some took huge pay cuts and went elsewhere and continued the grind, some like me "Woke up" and took control of their futures.
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