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Originally Posted by DirtRoad View Post
Ive been interested in BadBoy for a few years now and ive decided im getting an outlaw.

I searched and read every thread and review on the brand i could find. I did find some not so good reviews but certainly no worse reviews than exmark, hustler, toro, ferris, scag and so on.

The people that bash them dont seem to be able to provide any compelling evidence as to why they are so terrible and that is why i take those reviews, posts or threads for a grain of salt.

What i see happen more often than not is when someone has a problem with exmark (for example) everyone jumps in to help the owner fix the problem. But when someone posts a problem with badboy you only get people saying how horrible they are and you got what you paid for. Easy to see from that alone that the negative talk is unfounded about BadBoy.

Ive looked at the specs on all the machines that are popular, i dont see anywhere that badboy cut corners in anything they built, if anything they are very over built, they are literally tanks. Even their home owner models are crazy over built
Look, I like BB design (Outlaw XP ONLY) and i think they are really close to becoming competitive in the ztr market. I like their swing away design, i like that they are thinking suspension even though Ferris owns this, i like the components they use, their deck is unproven at this time but i believe in due time it will become proven if BB listens and does some real R&D. Having said all that, with the amount of mowers they have sold and the amount of unhappy consumers from LS that can not be ignored. Seriously

To the guy who says all components are the same. The is some truth to this but not completely. Engines and hydros, yea prob.... Thats not the entire product though, find another ZTR with spindles like my Ferris, the answer is Husqvarna is the next closest (not BB, Scag, Toro,etc...) but they are no Hercules to be clear The list goes on and on, deck, ride comfort, stout design, parts availability, dealer support, demo availability, and what i think to be equally as important to cut quality is their line up of products in the turf care market.

No doubt BB may compete, just not now and thats ok. Evolution will take place if they are smart.

Btw, to the same guy who said i think my mower is better because i paid more, actually i paid 9519 for my Ferris IS3100Z. Which if spec'd apples to apples is less than your beloved BB OXP. In fact its tough to even find a BB model that specs close to my Ferris. Once you throw in the ROPS, weight is the same for OXP but the pumps and motors are smaller, don't see a hydro cooler, stand stripe kit nope.....and BB is more $$$$ plus the only BB refused to let me demo.

To each his own, but until BB can do this

I'll run Ferris
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