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Originally Posted by longislandlawn View Post
I see all of the semi- big and big companies around me getting and lots of accounts, this is my first full year in the business , I am struggling to get above 20 accounts. What is the best way to let people know I am out there in terms of advertisement. I use a low cost method of handing out flyers right now.
How many flyers are you handing out currently? I find that you will get a 1% return on flyers. This means that you need to go beat the streets in neighborhoods that contain your target demographic. Passing out flyers is hard work and no one wants to do it, so make sure you are targeting the homes you want to/know you can get. If you mow for a living then you should be able to pass out 100+ flyers per hour (read 1 customer gained each hour). This is in a densely populated area like a subdivision.
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