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Amazed at composting debris....

Earlier this year I built a 5'x5' bunk for compost for that material that was coming off landscaping jobs as well as the occasional clippings. I have to say how amazed I am at how fast that small area has been able to digest the material. I don't bag except for my own lawn which is 100% organic.

I am still learning how to mix the browns and green and turn and water but wow. An entire year worth of hedge trimmings, pulled peony, hosta, and basically any other scraps.

I built it in hopes of creating compost for my garden just a once and awhile thing but I feel addicted now. My wife rolls her eyes at me when I say I am going out to turn it, or I pull egg shells out of the trash for it!

I was wondering if you guys had anything like this and how you do it? Off my dream shop I always envisioned a few bunks where I could turn material with a skid steer. Maybe 3 bunks for finished, 1/2 done, and starting compost.

I guess many do it as a hobby and most larger guys just pile it somewhere and let nature take care of it.

1. But are there any guys doing it on a medium scale without the giant

2. Would a bunk with a skid steer turn every week suffice?

3. I know there is no great market to buy this unless your doing major volume but I do buy about 100 bags every year of compost so maybe I can offset cost? Does anyone bring a bucket of their own compost as a soil amendment?

New York
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