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I don't worry what people think until I try to get them to understand certain things about their lawns or the way it should be done.
I don't think it's me or the business, it's just people.
There's a bunch of stupid people out there.
Just look at how many put this current jackass in for president or, how many still support him.
That's just one example that everyone can relate to, there's many more just think about how stupid people are.
Now, on the other hand I love it when people ask me questions about my business or the looks I get in traffic or around town from guys who wish they had their own business like me.
It happens virtually every day.
Just look and act professional, that's all you can do.

Just an edit for the word professional.....If you spend 30 minutes studying a subject, you are a professional compared to the rest of the population who just take up space.
Hitmen don't get a degree from college but they are considered professional.
Remembering all my departed friends.

NObama '08
NoMoreObama '12
Well, I hope everyone is happy now.
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