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Wider tires on front of eXmark Lazer?

I have the LAS28KA524 Lazer Z which has a 52" deck and the slimmer tires on the front. I'd like to switch to the wider tires they put on the 72" deck mowers. Has anyone switch to the wider front wheel/tires on a model like this that has the slimmer tires from the factory? Is the caster going to be too narrow to fit the wider wheel in there? There's about 6 1/4" of clearance. Would I have to buy the wider casters too? I think I would have to, but I'm curious if anyone has done this. The entire assembly (caster, wheel/tire, axle bolt, etc) is about $140 per, if I have to buy the whole thing. I don't absolutely need to do this, but I would like to (helps make less tracks/sinks less when the ground is wet from spring rain).

This is what the old one looks like now. Both the 52" and 60" deck models have this slimmer wheel. This is on the previous generation Lazer, not the current/new models.
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