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Originally Posted by Lawn Pawn View Post
It all depends on what you will/want to be doing.

Just mowing... a Z is choice hands down!

You want to be snow blowing... tilling... pulling trailers etc. an AWS commercial lawn tractor is the ticket. I have both... started with a JD 445 and moved into Zs as the business grew and realized time is money for mowing. I now use both to their full advantage.
We use our mowers for only one task, cutting grass. For blowing, tilling and other things, we have a unit just for that (Kubota B7800). I guess if you wanted to do everything with one machine? then a higher end garden tractor would be ok?

Your efficiency will suffer in all areas, as the small tractor will not do any one job really well. If it were me? I would buy a walk behind or zero turn and focus on one thing, cutting grass. Once I had a year or two of that under my belt and a few extra $$, THEN I would think about buying a unit for tilling and blowing etc. This would allow you to get ahead faster, as by just focusing on grass, you can do one job really well and make $$ a little faster than trying to a bunch of everything. It is just my opinion. It doesn't mean I am right (My wife reminds of this daily!)
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