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Originally Posted by EJK2352 View Post
Here in Ohio that would be considered an industrial vegetation app. You have no idea how many companies in my state that get a turf license and think they are covered for all their apps. I see these guys doing ornamental and industrial veg apps all the time. I check ODA's web site to see what categories they are licensed for and 9 times out of 10 they only have a turf license. Some are not licensed at all. I'm not a tattle tale but a bunch of licensed guys I know are. They won't hesitate to call ODA in Reynoldsburg and turn them in.
Florida has some similar strange Laws. Chapter 482 Limited license (Roundup Lic) doesn't cover the parking lot spraying. It is considered Right of Way spraying and covered under Chapter 487 a completely different dept of the government. Now the Kicker is, You don't need a license to spray parking lots with a GUP product including danger labeled products.


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