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sod over crabgrass, update 42 days

Sod (bluegrass) was laid over mostly crabgrass with no preparation on August 24. It was not irrigated at first, turned brown, then I began to sprinkle every day. It has recovered and looks fairly good, tacked down, although it was scalped by a mower on each end. White plastic spoons mark the front corners of the sod for better visibility. A few veronica weeds have sprouted in the sod. Now cool; temp today is 44. Crabgrass is collapsing and lawn grass and a bit of tall fescue are recovering.

In lower photo, seed (Ace, high in perennial rye), was applied in 7 inch circles on top of crabgrass, with no soil preparation nor irrigation. The two circular areas on the right were sown with about 20 times the recommended amount of seed. The four circles to the left had about 4 times the proper amount of seed. The area is about 5 feet from the sod and about 20 feet from a bird feeder that is visited by many sparrows.
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