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Originally Posted by coolluv View Post
What program are you using where you can close on the phone? Igolawn? How do you measure the property and close the sale over the phone in that short of time?

I would love to be able to do this myself.

Dave... It's free.

Learn to use it and when someone calls for an estimate give them pricing over the phone.

Tell them you will do an evaluation at the first visit but get past history of the lawn. Ask them if they have used a lawn service in the past. (this tells you a ton because if they have they know how this works and what they want...usually)

Befriend the person. Be nice. LISTEN, but ask the right questions.

I've closed a ton of sales over the phone at the first phone call. I've had people send me pre payment checks for a thousand dollars without ever going to their home, or ever meeting them.

I've closed thousand dollar accounts on the phone in less than five minutes.

It's pretty cool and efficient as hell.

You burn yourself a little now and then but the savings overall are sound.
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