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Originally Posted by jfoxtrot9 View Post
This is put perfectly. Going back a few years ago I had breakthrough and suspected this was the case. Since that time I have been applying very late June, early July with no problems. Other than a more plentiful naturally occuring watering-in, there really isn't any reason to apply Merit so early anyway. Apply later and get protection deeper into the season where the problem presents itself anyway! Good stuff.
Theres a lot of advertising pressure from company's like Scotts that get people in the mood for preventative in late April.

Pro applicators should know the timing.

One thing I wondered about this year is in the midwest I am convinced beetles emerged from the soil earlier due to the grubs not being deep in the soil and pupating early from the mildest winter on record.

IF... this happened, could it have created a prolonged mating (and subsequent egg laying) period?

Do beetles mate more than once? (sluts!) Lay more than one batch of eggs? (fertile myrtles!) Or are they one and done.

I don't know.

I do know grub pressure is heavy this year in my area, and same with sod webworm and chinch bugs and I believe this can be directly attributed to the mild winter we had.

It set up the perfect storm. Dry warm winter with no insect attrition, grubs close to the surface, no winter snow for moisture into spring, an earlier spring than we have had in 100 years, followed a month later by the worst drought in 100 years.

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