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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
Oh yaa one thing I think I kinda noticed about the new one when I demoed it. I tried a 60 with flex forks and it seemed bouncy but also my old XR7 72 seemed to ride a little cushier and i am wondering how much of that is the air tires on the older mower compared to the solid tires.

I do not want to buy flex forks unless I have to,my 72 XR7 rides fine without them and one person I talked to told me stock the old XR7 models were cushier than his newer Super mower is this true?

You know something else Puppy the new Super has a strong enough drive to where you can put 26's on it and get around 8% more mowing speed.
The flex forks of course make the mower ride much better, but you also must get use to the fact it will dip if slowing extremely fast. I've run flex forks since they came into existence, my dealer had one set come to him when they first began production, and I bought them when they came through the door to his dealership. I am very aware of how the flex forks will react, meaning I'm long passed the learning curve, and would not be without them, especially with the run-flat tires on this new mower.

Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
Mr Pupster could you please give me your vedict on the new mower compared to the old 66 as in how well does it pull hills while mowing and just how tall grass can it cut without bogging and your overall professional opinion.

A dealer down south from me will sell me one for 12 out the door + 0 for 48 months and I am kinda tempted because I love lawn mowers! thanks.
The new mowers hydraulic system is the best ever used in a ztr. It pulls with much less effort than the old style hydraulic system. I realize the engine being more powerful helps somewhat, but you can tell a difference on the positive side for the new machine, but you should with an industrial hydraulic system, one like in no other ztr manufactured offers. No company in their right mind would put a 3000 hr., or 5 yr. time period warranty (which ever comes first) on a ztr without knowing it is totally failure proof.

My old Super Z always had an extremely smooth hydraulic system, and since I replaced both pumps and wheel motors, it is as smooth as ever. My dealer and his mechanics have always said that I got one of best operating Super Z's they had come through their dealership. He made the statement, that no matter what you buy, occasionally you get one that seems a little ahead of the rest, and that was my mower. The new machine is larger, but operates equally as smooth, only a little tighter feeling than the old machine.

The cut of my XR-7 has always been more than satisfactory to me, and the cut of this VX4 is what appears to me just as good. When I can run full speed, and on the next pass do not see anything standing that concerns me, that's all I can ask of any mower deck.

I will say this, the new 72" I demoed did not cut nearly as good as the one I now own, and how that is possible is beyond me, I would love for someone to give their opinion.

I just got off the big mower to get a snack, I am now going to run it a couple hrs. more.
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