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I wish I was all you guy's No on the xp the flex rear pivoting axle system is where the bad boy shines, paired with the rubber compression shocks all the way around, then the premium tires with flexible soft sidewalls, the oil empregnated drive system (very smooth), alot say it actually rides better (I personally thought the ferris had the edge on the ride stock, although both still aren't perfect on a rough yard, but definately better than whats offered). The 335 Hopper with front fork suspension, suspension seat, and rubber iso mounts on the seat platform and foot floorboard, the 460 gravely, heck the next couple of years I think we will see computer monitered deck leveling system paired with air ride suspension , but even better the gps powered Bad Boy mower they presented at the dealer meeting a couple of years back would have to my pick. You mow the yard with it once yourself while its recording, then next time you go on your cell phone to that yard and push go it will do everything you did (even where you raise deck up and down to go over stuff) while you trimmed... I wonder if they are finished testing and tuning.... To start they were gonna lease the mower only and it was set up on a monitering system, if something interfered with the machine it would text you on your phone. It was a very smart system identifying when someone got close or even if something hit the blade and shut down accordingly.
I have heard many things said about me since I have become a dealer 5 years ago, and the one thats said the most I hear is that "that guy down there would bend over backwards for anyone I believe", and I hope it spreads and everyone starts treating people this way we would have a lot stronger community, government, etc.... Less greed and self worth and more caring for what you do no matter what it is...
$299 is the bad boy retail price posted everywhere, I see alot of dealers market up parts, accessaries, and mowers from Bad Boy cause they think they are too cheap, I see it alot on Grasshopper parts too now that I am a dealer. I thought Grasshopper parts were higher than everyone cause some of our closest dealers were adding another 35% to parts pricing, but I know it deterred alot of people (including me when I was mowing) of buying the mower.... Its sad when I am getting tips at the counter from these hopper guys cause they cant believe the pricing...
Why wouldn't any dealer upgrade some pumps for a guy to earn a customer for life and sell a freaking $10000 mower!

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