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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I am 63 yrs. old, so I am very educated on what is tolerable and what is not when mowing. The heavier Super Z with its now extended wheel base, and the added flex forks make the mower ride extremely well at its fast mowing speeds. If it did not, you can bet a 63 yr. old body could not take it.

I could not run a 10 mph machine, the specs. state 10 mph., but in reality, by the time the PTO is running, and the grass drag while mowing comes into play, you will be lucky if cutting at 8.5 mph. This becomes very tedious when crawling around at that slow of a speed.
The Flex Forks are Awesome! Surprised more guys don't run them. The amount of rain dictates how fast I can mow more than anything. Time is money in our business, I feel the need for Speed! :-)
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