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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
Yaa the newer hydro's are real responsive and a little tighter and touchier, I did not care for the dive on the flex forks as I noticed it, from what you are sayIng I am probably better off throwing a BB briggs ? on my 72 and just running it in the ground.

A new Super would be nice but mine only has 550 hours on it and the work load is not there to justify dropping 12 grand but there is no fee for 48 months so it is tempting.

Thanks Mr. Pupster.
I gave $10.6 (total out the door) for mine with the flex forks installed. I would never pay for anything up front when a bank will give me 0% interest, and no payment until April. Why would anyone in their right mind use their money when you can use the banks at a one time only 2% of total cost up front.
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