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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I gave $10.6 (total out the door) for mine with the flex forks installed. I would never pay for anything up front when a bank will give me 0% interest, and no payment until April. Why would anyone in their right mind use their money when you can use the banks at a one time only 2% of total cost up front.
How did you get it so cheap?,is it one of last years models? that sounds like below cost. You better watch it when our real rulers crash the economy coming up they will be coming for the land. Go read UN agenda 21. So if you owe the bank just be careful with that piece of beautiful land you have.

The bank our our real rulers,the United States government went bankrupt in the great depression and England (which is the bank) took America over.

With this crowd of dumb American sheople we have around us just be ready to do this -
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