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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I am very familiar with "Agenda 21," if the bank that payed for the mower gets into bad shape financially, I will be more than glad to give their money back, but from what I seen of our governments actions, this will not happen.
How did you get such a good deal?,I think that is great for you. Farm exemption or something? I would have brought mine home for 10.6 twelve has me on the fence.

What do you think a BB Brigg's would straighten your 66 out do you think?

Why is it you country bumpkin know what is going on and us city slickers are as stupid as a bag of rock's?,I live in a college town and this town is so stupid! Right now our Florida black man is playing the L.S.U black man in the colliseum down the street. I think I will get on my bike and go watch the black man chase the ball in the colliseum down the road.

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