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Hi beachys, you mustnt have read my first post as I said the same thing, if the job was worthwhile then I said to spend as much time as he needed to ensure the gate was locked. I also mentioned that if the job wasnt so great paying, he should discuss the issue with the client by telling her he doesnt feel comfortable using the gate this way etc, but be prepared to lose her as a client as these woman do not like it unless you do exactly as they ask, if they get any hint of us disputing them then they will get rid of us as retaliation.

My best paying customer would never pick up the dog **** of her small patch of back lawn, and being a small patch after 1 week it was covered in it from a dog which she must have over fed with rich food because the **** really STANK. but because she was such a good paying client, very well paying, I stopped myself from even requesting that she collect the dog **** as I felt she was paying for that extra service.

So in the gate situation, if its worthwhile do the same and spend the time it takes, if not worthwhile then do what is the RIGHT thing to do and tell her its her property and her responsibilty.

By "sucking it up" I dont agree this is the correct thing to do, however it is best to do this if u dont want to lose the client.
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