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Originally Posted by acculawnsystems View Post
I would use the AccuLawn System at If they do not fit the business model you have designed then they don't click to contract. It is that simple. You don't waste time on these types of situations because you set the standard from the beginning. See what the homeowner sees at
Cant agree here. Your system is a mathematical equation based on percentages of lot sizes. We used something similar in house before I had the man and financial resources to make the change to our system now. We have been burned before for lawns that dont fit the 'model' that you or I developed. With our new processes, we are now accurate to the nearest hundred and thats more than accurate enough for us.

Definitely agree with Cadzilla. Its a trip getting a prepayment amount for people youve never even met and just closed on the phone. We have closed hundreds of new accounts this year and have only met with 5 or so of them in person. Most of the time, we decline their work if we need to meet in person. In fact, had one elderly man get upset I wouldnt meet with him and ended up calling me arrogant. I told him when you are good, you can be that way. He called back a couple days later and signed on for a full program.
If this post seems mean, it's probably because I'm drunk posting. Maybe my next one will be better...
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