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Well, I guess when you have as many accounts as this mega-giant company does, the numbers of service orders completed is worth more than quality. They are a numbers and a bottom line company. It looks good on the papers in quantity..........or else, why would the applicator's spray on windy days. This is my surmise!!

I know that you are going to respond and say--" It is uneducated applicator's!"
That is an may be the case if they are agents under one licensed division owner. Basic training is all it takes for the agent to hit the field and become a full swing applicator. With the turnover rate of some companies........the mentality of employees that will agree to these wage tendering giants is only adding to the problem.
I know of two agents all acting under another company in town. Each calls me for questions..........?? I tell them to contact the person whom they are working under--DUH! They shouldn't be touching a sprayer with this attitude.!!
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