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Originally Posted by johnsonslawnmanagement View Post
it's all about niche. I see a lot of ppl talk about walkbehinds and standers on here: useless to me. Push mowers: dont own one. But as for my perspective on walkers: necessity. All machines have issues, flaws, fans, as well as haters. In my area you are cutting junk yards and fighting with the cut throats if youre not bagging or running walker mowers. Every good company has one or several. I use walkers on every account. My accounts are all high maintenance accts that require bagging. 48" max width, some soggy areas ztr's would rut, and many specify "walker mowers only". I would be one of these cheap jack wagons mowing for peanuts at lightening speed without them. And about speed: quality cut is hard to attain with a fast pace. But anyways: Walkers have risen me to a total maintenance, high end, 100% contract company. I do own 2 ferris 3100's for larger properties but walker the most visible of higher maintained sections. Good mower, quality cut for me, no maintenance issues. Love them or hate them: they have a vital niche here
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Thank you! I am relatively new to this forum and it became apparent to me that many of the ops on here are your mow, blow, and go companies, instead of being concerned with entire landscape appearance and turf quality. Speed is not at all a factor for me; my clients want detail and they get it (and I get paid for it). Walkers are a must for me.
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