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Originally Posted by JB1 View Post
these new hustlers to me are a lot better than the older models.
How is the ride stock compared to the old one, one outfit told me they did not like it at speed stock and said the old XR7 was more forgiving. He claimed you could not mow at 15 because the mower would chatter shake bad so you could not utilize the speed like the old one. If so I wonder if the solid front wheels are the culprit?

The demo I used today had flex forks so I wonder if they are pushing it as a band aid stock to solve a possible problem? They may have taken all the flex out of the chasses and the added weight does make a machine beat you more or is this just in my head and he was full of BS the guy who told me this?

I think I did notice how stiff the machine was,just solid as hell, a tank feeling.But it did not feel as solid as say the Cub Cadet Tank!

Thanks for helping.

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