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Originally Posted by zak406 View Post
I'll bite, I own a jet ski granted I bought it used off a friend for a good price. I enjoy it. Do I need it ? No, however I don't get to take vacations because of school and my business. I don't get days off often however when I do I use the jet ski as my vacation. Most people spend 2-3 grand a YEAR on vacation so I figured spending 2 grand and using that as my vacation for a few years is cheaper and I have a asset that I can liquidate if need be...... People who spend cash on vacation lose there money you can't liquidate a vacation. I'm not saying vacations are wrong or bad but that is my view on my toy. Eventually I'd like a boat but that's down the road
I'll bite back.

I take no vacations ever and work 5-6 days a week each and every year. I don't own a jet ski or a boat or even know anyone with a lake to use those things.

I spend my days off sleeping, playing video games and catching up on paper work and house chores.

I'm the happiest I've ever been.
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