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Originally Posted by vaacutabove View Post
I will be buying a ride on for next year but have a few questions.

first pre M's Who sprays and at what rate? is it better to do dry? (Most of my yards are not irrigated.)

Second is fert. I am all liquid now Uflex with micros and some other mixes matters on the weather and how things are growing at the time. Do most of y'all do liquid or dry fert?
I use a ride on and i used to pull a hose and have used Uflex and other brands of liquid fert.

We switched 3 years back and have never looked back.

I spray my pre at 32oz per th mixed with 3 way and a wetting agent and have great results and i only have one yard that is irrigated.

You can spread Uflex.

I have sprayed Fungicides and insecticides with no proublem at the same rate.

Charles Cue
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