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Originally Posted by TNGrassCutter View Post
Here you go Puppy, sorry it took so long. As you can see the rollers are about 5.5" wide and mount just off center for the dual kit, the single wheel mounts dead center. They are up under the deck and bolt on with a plate through the existing holes and bolts for the bracing arms on the back of the deck.
Thanks, those are great pictures, and there is nothing like looking at the real thing.

Originally Posted by 1Sharkey View Post
There are deals to be made right now. I gave $10450 out the door for my 60" That included the flex forks and a extra set of blades.

My dealer said they are dealing on the 2012s. We have had a drought here and they have some changes coming in 2013.

I found a government price list online

I paid only slightly over what was quoted there
This is very interesting information, and it appears I paid $750 less with flex forks than what the state list shows, but neither do I pay tax because of my farm exemption.
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