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Originally Posted by CraigPLC View Post
That's why I said combine technology, like a conbine harvester....
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Your talking about a cycle mower.

As a former farmboy, I can say that it probably wouldn't work that well in the general lawn mowing industry.

Basically too many obstacles and probably break a lot of cycle teeth in the process.

That's why most brush mowers on farms are a rotary type. The only time you see a mower with a cycle style is hay conditioners, and occasionally a cycle mower for general work.

Another thought is that you would really need to speed the cycle bar up to keep up production when mowing, and it would generate a lot of heat.

BCS makes a cycle bar for there walk behind tractors, I'd like to try one out for giggles, but don't have a lot of brush work in general so it wouldn't be a good purchase.

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