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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
I think hes in Canada and the price is in Canadian dollars
yup im in canada

Originally Posted by Brules View Post
I just bought a new Echo SRM 225. It is lighter than the Stihl, and it is a real 2 stroke, with no valves to ever have to adjust. Great trimmer....Oh, and it is only $219 USD.
i just checked out the echo website, and i believe its about 1lb lighter than the fs 90r. it costs around $300 up here in canada. im not too worried about the valve adjusting on the fs 90r as i own a yzf250 that i adjust valves on. stihl has a little kit you can buy for around $30 to adjust them yourself which is what i would end up doing if i decided to get the fs 90r. is the 225 quiet?

Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
if you want plenty of power in the lightest package out right now, get a Husqvarna 223L or 323L (9lbs). The223 has more than enough power for all but the worst scenarios, and the 323 is the same power as the FS90. I own a 223L and an FS90R, and the 90 mhas become either my full tiime stick edger, or on occasion my pole saw when needed.
so do you have the stihl kombi, or is there attachments you can bolt on to the end of the 90?
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