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we will be ordering 8 1/2 x11 10k cards this week as well. I do eddm and it helps the phone ring in the right neighborhoods. 14.5 per piece for postage, about 8 cents each on printing and shipping to me. but I hate the weighing, bundling and paperwork and driving to the post office. I am seriously considering just paying 28-30 cents per piece and letting someone else do all the work. all told it'll be 3k.

the yard signs and truck graphics are the best investmants dollarwise in my opinion. they bring you more folks in the same neighborhoods and also reinforce your brand.

2-3 grand in truck advertising will easily bring you 40-80k in sales over the 5-7 year life of the graphics.

1 grand spent on signs should last 2-3 years depending on how heavy you put out signs. and they generate sales and leads like crazy. lots of tire kickers tho.
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