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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
Ok thanks but I believe you may be wrong about weight making the machine ride softer,weight allows a machine to transmit more of the energy to the driver.

I know this from racing motorcycles.
I had a Bad Boy Lightning for a few weeks and it rode very good with the front rubber shock suspension. I was then brought the larger AOS model which is heavier and had the four wheel rubber shock suspension, and the longer wheel base, heavier AOS rode considerably better than the shorter wheel base, lighter weight Lightning, and now my heavier, longer wheel base Super Z rides better than my older model Super Z. I would say this is not guessing about it if does, or if it does not, it has been proven through physical testing. Heavier means the little bumps want make the mower jump as much as would the lighter machine.

I use to drive a 155 self-propelled howitzer in the army, and you could take a long wheel base truck, and I don't care what size, and drive it down a rough dirt road, the truck would beat you to death, but I could take the 55 ton howitzer, and run it in the same place at 40 mph and never feel any of those same bumps, so yes, weight does make for a better ride in most instances.
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