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Calling Deere 900 owners/users

How many of you have ever swapped the top end of the damper into one of its other positions? I know they used to say there were 3 positions for the Z900's and 2 for the Z700's. Mine is a 2012, and it only has 2 mounting positions. A couple days ago I swapped my dampers from the stock position they come in, to the second mounting hole that is farther forward.

To say it makes a difference is a huge understatement. They are now much easier to move, and input control is far better. It's a lot easier to avoid turf scuffs on fast slowdowns and turns. Input is smoother and more gradual (though I don't meant to imply it is sluggish, because it is certainly is not), and just much more smooth and even.

I am just curious if anyone else has ever bothered to try this. I never did on my Z720, and now wish I had, and I wish I'd have done it to this 950 back when I bought it in the early spring. I'll never switch back to the stock position again.
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