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Been screwed by doctor, church...never a lawyer yet

Originally Posted by mowerman90 View Post
I recently lost a large church job to the churches janitor. I'd been doing it for the last 3 years without a single complaint. The janitor has a Toro timecutter. He's one of those drug rehab cases with rotted teeth and got the janitor job cause they felt sorry for him. I don't know if the mowing is part of his janitorial duties or not. He doesn't own an edger and the 1/8 mile of sidewalks looks it with grass and weeds growing 6 inches over the sidewalk. If they asked me to come back I'd say no thanks. I should of never taken it in the first place and stuck to my policy of never work for "Doctors, Lawyers or Clergy" cause sooner or later you'll get screwed.
It'll happen...I like your policy. My slowest pays are doctors by the way. Not super late but right at due date, never early like everybody else.
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