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From what I have read on here, if a person comes on and says something positive about BB they must be on their payroll, and get harassed, so most dont even bother after a while. If you post good about any other brand nobody jumps down their throats.

I almost bought a Lightning a few years ago. Liked everything about the mower except the "dealer". It was a tool rental place. The main reason I wouldn't buy was they had a leftover model, and still wanted more than retail, wouldn't budge. So happy I didnt buy from them, as they dropped selling mowers, now its over a hour drive to another dealer. If I had a even half way decent dealer I would own a BB in a instant, make the dealer RetroDog, and I would be in heaven! From what it seems on here every problem with BB comes from a shitty dealer. I will never buy another Exmark as my dealer is not so great to deal with. If BB got more quality dealers the company would grow even more.
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