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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
What setup are you using to make your rounds? Pulling a hose or some type of ride-on with a nursery tank? Not too long ago you were rebuilding a golf course spraying rig? What size tanks on whatever you are using?
I am pulling hose off my 20 yr old TG/CL Isuzu cab over truck with a PTO powered H 25 Hydra cel pump. I actually have Lawnsite to thank for being able to find a working TG/CL truck that wasn't stripped. I bought it over 10 years ago for $ 4250 in Perfect running condition. Of course I made several modification to fit my needs including Paint jobs and new seats Etc.

Here is a Picture of Ric's Mobile corporate office.

Here is the 150 gallon toro ride on, FORMER Golf Course sprayer I call Ric's Ride. It is a work in progress and I use it only for insecticides mainly Fire Ant control. It is calibrated at 3 gallon per thousand and I wish I could get more volume. Not shown is the Herd Bait Spread that attaches to the front and a 100 ft hose reel which I have to reinstall by welding a frame for it.

Here it is on the Job

In the car port attached to my barn

Yes I am an equipment freak.

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