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Got my leakdown tester which showed negative results for valve/piston ring issues. It showed steady in the green area for cylinder #1.

It seemed to run better after the new plugs according to the owner. Still using a lot of oil. I had the machine in the shop today and went ahead and replaced the head gasket on
cylinder #1 which looked like it was leaking on the outside of
the head (this is the cylinder with the oil soaked spark plugs).

Breather Reed looked ok. Piston did not have much flop at all.
Tons of buildup on the piston though as you can see in the

Slapper, when you do head gaskets on these motors do you
have the cyl head machined for flatness as is normal when
doing head gaskets on cars?

The gasket I took off of cyl #1 did not appear to be in as bad condition as I was expecting. What do you guys think from the photos? Thanks

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