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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
I agree that the chassis is stiffer than last design. Floor pan/footrest is further out by a few inches there by making the caster arms shorter. Seems that way anyway. I haven't measured it.
I bet it's a rough ride without the flex forks!

That said, I'm sure there are other machines out there with stiffer designs. Look at the Scags for example.
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I had a Scag, nice mower but rode like a tank at 10 MPH. Making a mower that can cut and ride good at 15 MPH is no easy task. Like I stated, when I go to a dealer and do a demo and it has flex forks on it that is not a good sign.

Added weight always screws handling up,specially at high speeds.In something that moves fast weight is your enemy period. Just look at a semi.

Have people tried pneumatic front tired?
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