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Scag was the other mower I was tossing up on, it was between scag and hustler, chose hustler as it seemed to be the strongest of the two and offered the 37 hp.

Do you recal whether the scag was rough at slower speeds? say 5 MPH. This hustler is rough at all speeds, in fact if you go slow enough you can actually feel the bumps even more than going a little quicker you skip over them a little better. I have put 15hrs on the mower so far and havent been able to find a speed or particular style of mowing which is not overly rough. Im sure if I go 1-3 kph I would not feel the bumps but this is un-realistic for cutting 3-4, 5 acre blocks per day.

pneaumatic tires may be worth a try, they may soak up the uneven terrain before sending the shock through the chassis. But i dont want to throw any money at it, if the dealer are prepared to do this that would be ok, the mechanic tried a set of standard non flex forks on it and didnt think there was a noticable difference in the ride. I would have liked to try myself. But really I dont have time to be sourcing the parts etc needed for this, Its coming into busy season and I just want to get on with work and making money out of the $18000 investment.

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