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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
If you get the Super get the 66" It performs so much better than the 72, I can't explain why, decks look similiar underneath, but have a buddy that has both here and they favor the 66. They mow lots of huge properties too. But just to show you no mower is perfect (in fact I have 5 things on everymower I have ever been on I can find I don't like, zipper being only 3 real things, prolly one of the best I have used), he has a kubota he bought this year, 2 gravelys, he bought a 61 xp the first of this year, and came in a couple of weeks ago and got the 72" 36hp XP with the grammer seat. He is always busy when I want to talk mowers, always want to know the reason why he jumps around on mowers, its not that one is better than the other he says, its that they all have something of an edge different to offer kinda...kinda makes sense. The Super Z I love, the Bad Boy I love along with Hopper, I like the Gravelys, the Bobcats, I like some things on the bota and deere, exmark, toro, scag, they are all great, but all different, and all so scaringly similiar at the same time. The 3 that stand out the most are the 3 I carry now, Bad Boy is the tank, Hustler is the balance, and Grasshopper is my premy. But all 3 offer identacle options too, the hustler x1I is a good price like bad boy outlaw, the Bad Boy XP and 35hp Cat 4 cylinder is pretty premy now, and the 226 hopper is a bangin price point at 7gs to eat Bad Boys lunch, best front mount hands down is the hopper and the rear discharge puts them above all else in cut and not getting covered in dust, but they all 3 complement each other and that is the reason they are all here, I think I have the market covered in what I offer, in my eyes there is nothing else out there that even comes close for my time's worth pushing for the difference... If I was a dealer without Bad Boy and couldn't get them I would prolly carry the Gravely because I like alot of things they are doing, in fact I send alot of people to look at them, just think BB stands out over them to far in options build and price to ever think about carrying...
Puppy bought the 72 and it is way faster than his 66 but these are the new Super XV4 models. My 72 XR7 is fine, I want speeeeeeeeeed get the job done bigger cut.

I will use whatever,BB is fine with me but they are ugly and look all cobby!
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