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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Ill call bs on anybody that says they were handed a large contract and then had to screw together a company on a moments notice.
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It may happen, but probably rarely & without success. When I got laid off from lawncare winter '99, I went to work for my cousin painting commercial/retail. He had bid a 100,000 sq ft Lowe's going up in our town & lied about equip & employees. He had 1 employee & 2 small comercial sprayers. Biggest thing he had painted before that was 30,000sq ft Staples. He got my brother, an uncle, myself & purchased more equip on Sherwin Williams acct. The only reason he was successful was the construction company cut him regular monthly checks & even at that we had to wait a couple times to get our whole paychecks. If he had to wait 90 days to get paid the business would have failed before the job was complete! We endend up painting Lowe's for 12 yrs & the painting company went out of business 1yr after my brother & I quit. My cousin was semi retired about 1yr after the first Lowe's at age 26 & didn't want to go back on the road fulltime painting at age 37. The crew of 3 that he had remaining was not that efficent & he was losing money. He didn't want to go out on the road to babysit.
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