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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Hmm so the scag tt is also rough, the cheetah was the model I was considering. Starting to sound like all larger sized machines are rough? I have not used machines larger than 52" before, those machines have all been like driving in a car in comparison to the super Z. I have owned a 2005 dixon and a 2010 dixon, also used a ferris non-suspension, john deere zero turn, the ferris was 61" cut and quite good, only had the up and down movement, no front to back jerking.

I have put tires down to 8 psi in rear, didnt help at all unfortunately.

I would only be losing out by trying to sell this hustler and going for another machine, but at the end of the day it may be necessary for health issues. I cant understand why im the only one with such an issue, my lawns must all have a lot of rough sections compared to others, but in saying that im comparing it all from 4 yrs and 700hrs of zero turn mowing.

The hustler suits me perfectly with the strength, the power, but problem lies with the apparent speed. The biggest reason for me upgrading was to increase my productivity, however the rough ride of this machine has forced me to use it quite slow, therefor I am not getting through lawns any quicker than my old small machine.
No I have heard the new Super rides bad stock, As stated the 400 series Gravely or Cheetah, my Supers are 15 MPH nice ride stock in most all conditions here. The old super in it's day was considered by most the best ride at the time without getting into suspension.

A lighter z will always be more nible and agile,weight is your enemy overall.
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