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Post number one answers your first question. All mowers break. So how long it's down is the real question. For example our old exmark dealer used to always take 2-3 weeks on anything. But the gravely dealer would do his best and really get you back mowing quickly. Well gravely is not near as good as a exmark in my opion but if I can't get it fixed why own it. As for the stand ons I own one and really like it. It's the exmark advantage. Now I wouldn't own it if it was my only mower. My walk behinds are more versatile. They also cost less. Something else to think about is gates. If you have a lot of fenced in back yards or think you may get them. You need a mower that can get through a standard gate. I stuck with 36" mowers for my first few years. Then started getting into the bigger units m
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